new look
8-21-99 - acid enema
Right, here we are... totally new design layout, thanks ever so much to Mike (feel free to put in your two cents whenever you want!), and well, a lot's gone on since the last update. Troops of Doom flunkee Acid Enema's website is finally down, now he has no choice but to waste his time being a satanist retard, scaring little kids, and wanting to burn churches!!! Novokain is currently thinking of finally putting out a new release (about goddamn time), Narko is doing god knows what, Minion is busy as always busting new techsteppy goodness! On the event front of things, Legion went off, despite problems at the map point, not allowing some people to go, but for those little over 200 people that DID get to go, actually seemed to enjoy themselves! Very special thanks goes out to all those that made it out, including the Troops of Doom crew, J'sin, Nickel, Cetra, Meanstreak, Sugar Shot, Defiler, Meltdown, Evol, Starfox, and Simon Underground!!! Legion 2 - History of Brutality is in the works, and a full line up should be up soon... date is set for December 17th, 1999, in honor of Evol's 22nd birthday! Well, this is it for now... thanks for visiting, and keep supporting extreme music!!!   - acid enema