Narkaleptik is not only the oldest member of the Gabber/Speedkore Militia and the Troops of Doom (being 20), he is also the most outspoken and can ALWAYS be found online (Ed. Narkaleptik actually got a job a while back, and seeing as in this article is a bit old, some of it is dated. hence, he's never on anymore!!). Having many different musical influences from rap to metal, Narkaleptik was first exposed to the rave scene in 1992, which soon led to harder, more harsh forms of techno.

Even though Narkaleptik respects any producer who makes music, some of his favorite producers and influences are Eiterherd, Gwal, Memetic, Re.pete, UK Skullfuck, Noizecreator, and others. As for Djs, Narkaleptik doesn't really have a favorite, because, as he quotes, "I haven't been exposed to too many different ones. In LA they have a "formula" for a party and it seems they can only bring the same DJs over and over, so I tend to only go see live acts or PA's".

Narkaleptik's personal style and preferences when producing is "to make it dark, rough, and hard. When I produce I seem to go for more of the balls out speed tracks." As for Narkaleptik's spinning style, "I just play what mood I'm in, so sometimes its hard acid, breakcore, gabber, or some speedkore."

When asked where does he see himself and the GSM in the future, Narkaleptik answered with these closing remarks. "Well, hopefully we will be able to molest beats in a rougher, darker fashion. As far as where we will be in the future, its hard to say. Everything is weird in life and in the scene. Things seem to be changing so rapidly, and unfortunately not for the better, but hopefully we can put the gabber scene where it belongs... under-fucking-ground".