Schizo: Give us a little background on yourself.

Minion: My name is Tom, I'm a 19 year old student from Southern California. I sometimes try to DJ/produce, but I'm never impressed or satisfied with the outcome.

Schizo: How long have you been into hardcore / gabber?

Minion: I've been into gabber for about 4 years or so... started off hearing friend's mixtapes and what not. At first I thought it was cool and all, but it wasn't really intense enough.. but one night I heard DJ Tron on some local public radio show in 94-95, and ever since then I've been addicted. For once I heard gabber that was fast, dark, and evil. The way I like my music, not to mention my women too.

Schizo: Which DJs and producers have influenced the way you produce tracks and spin?

Minion: As faar as DJ's go, I don't really like too many... Mark Newlands, Novokain, Baseck, early Tron and Efex... producers, I could go on and on, but I'll just name a few. Overall, I'd say DJ Freak and the Fisters are probably my biggest influence on my producing. Other big influences would be Jack Lucifer, Berzerker, Lasse Steen, Animal Intelligence, Alec Empire, Shizuo, DJ Scud, Patric C, Acid Enema, the G.S.M., K-Os, and lots of others.

Schizo: Whats your take on the gabber scene in California (or lack thereof)? Can it get any worse? better?

Minion: About 6 months ago I thought it was at its lowest point and wasn't going to get any worse, but man was I wrong! It is such shit right now... 100 % cheese. They should put a "Made in Holland" logo next to the line ups. Its pathetic, it makes me sick. LA has so much talent, but they won't book it because I guess non-dutch gabber isn't part of the current "formula". So the way things are right now, I hope that people will start wanting something different, and then hopefully we all will be able to make a little noise.

Schizo: Describe your style to those people who are fortunate enough to NOT have listened to your tracks?

Minion: My style kind of varies at times. For the most part its usually on the more aggressive side of the spectrum, but I try to have a bit of complexity to them. I never really have any ideas laid down when I start a track, its more like an experiment. Sometimes it turns out alright, but usually it blows up in my face and leaves me feeling a bit angry. Oh yeah, I tend to use odd samples and whatnot. To most they don't sound like they make any sense, but there is always a meaning behind them of some sort.

Schizo: Do you go about producing tracks differently in Preposterous (with K-Os)?

Minion: Yeah, Preposterous is a side project I do with my friend Ryan (K-Os). I try and keep it in the same vein as my own tracks, but they are a lot more traditional sounding for the most part, which isn't bad, just different from my solo workings.

Schizo: What do you hope to accomplish in the future with your music, the Troops of Doom, and the scene in general?

Minion: I don't really have many goals. It would be nice to get some of my stuff on vinyl, or get some out of state gigs and whatnot, but if that never happens, I'd be satisfied with the way things are going right now... my room is a swingin' joint.

Schizo: Which do you prefer - old fashioned pussy or anal sex? If anal, lubed or un-lubed?

Minion: Anal, with lots and lots of crisco, boisenberry jelly, and some wetnaps.

Schizo: Are the rumors true that you're a stud with the ladies?

Minion: You know it man! They don't call me Big Sexy for nothin'! Actually, I'm lying. I dont' really socialize much, I keep to myself. Sure, meeting a better half would be dandy, but I'm not the type that goes out just to pick up on chicks.

Schizo: One last question before we wrap this up... who is Cloghopper?

Minion: Cloghopper? Hmmm... that name strikes a bell, I've heard he makes some of the cheesiest of cheese gabber known to mankind.

In his spare time, Minion likes to crochet, strip tease while spinning, watch Martha Stewart, produce dutch gabber under the "Cloghopper" guise, and make banana nutbread for homeless midget amputees. If you share these interests, contact Minion.