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Thee definitive extreme electronic music web site. Tons of links to gabber e-zines, mags, gabber record labels, interviews, and lots more.

widerstand records

Home of Eiterherd. Extreme fucking noize, gabber, ugly ass breaks. Coming up soon: Widerstand009 - the BERZERKER! Also later later on, look for Widerstand011 by our very own cunt Acid Enema.

beat to death records

Our butt buddy K-O's site. Home of Beat to Death Records.

drop bass network

One of the better labels out there. Home to sub-labels Ghetto Safari and Six Sixty Six.

pure acid mixtapes

The website of the Pure Acid Mixtapes catalog. Carries a big selection for gabber mixtapes - you can also find mixtapes from Novokain and Acid Enema stocked there.

rage records

Home of Rage Records, X and UHF. Released artists Animal Intelligence, DJ Tron, Noizegenerator, Noizecreator, and others. Highly recommended


Home to our other butt buddy Defiler!!!

hardline rekordingz

The home of Animal Intelligence. Hardline Yellow001 by Animal Intelligence out soon!

epiteth records

Epiteth Records!

underground music

Home of Simon Underground.
Carries only the wicked! No fucking cheese!

crapshoot records

Crapshoot Records!

bloody fist
No link, but posted to show support!!

Northern Hardcorps - Home of Fishead.
Trauma XP - If you haven't been here, you haven't been anywhere. Real audio galore.